Casino ads allowed on Youtube

Online casinos can advertise on Youtube from now on.

Google has taken the decision to allow advertisements for the online gaming industry on Youtube because the company thinks it can block youth access. A system of verification will be put in place so that every user that wants to see the adds will have to confirm they are over 18. Regulators of online advertising were assured that the software for age verification is efficient in monitoring the ad campaigns and allowing access only to mature audiences to the gambling spots.

Ladbrokes is the first casino to have taken advantage of this positive development and others are expected to follow the trend.

Google’s spokesperson James Cashmore has stated that his company has been discussing with “ brands and agencies about this for more than two years” and that he is sure the spots won’t be displayed to underage Youtube visitors.

After years of banning advertisements for online casinos and gaming operators, Youtube announced in 2008 that it would remove its restrictions in the UK if the companies are based in the European Economic Area or are registered with the Gambling Commission.

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