Casino thief ordered to repay the stolen money

Alain Joseph Nelson Germain, aged 51, was found guilty of stealing almost $1.2 million from a Saskatchewan casino and was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, a shorter sentence than he initially expected to receive for his crime. Besides imprisonment, the sentence contains the order to pay back the stolen sum to the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA), order that Germain can’t respect as the money is all gone.

Alain was the director of an ATM company, Canadian First Nations ATM services, and he abused his position to steal $1.2 million meant to reimburse SIGA for ATM transactions made at two of its casinos. He then started spending this money on luxury items while SIGA was filing lawsuits against other individuals and business entities trying to find the culprit.

When the culprit was finally found the money were all gone. “I’m glad everything is over and I can go on with my life,” said Germain after his sentencing. But everything is not over because he is compelled to repay SIGA what’s rightfully hers’.

“The restitution is tacked on for the rest of my life and who is really suffering is not me as an individual but it’s my family.” It’s a little late to think about the family, now that the damage was already done.

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