Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies in a long-lasting downswing

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, the well-known Finnish pro, has been lingering for some time now in what he calls in his blog ”the longest downswing” of his life. It seems that he has lost over $3 million since the beginning of October and no sign of improvement is envisaged for the coming days. The 27 year-old pro has recently played online Cap PLO on Full Tilt against Rami ‘Arbianight’ Boukai and Marcello ‘luckesxpress10’ Marigliano. The result was again disastrous for Sahamies who enriched his adversaries by six-figure sums. You can find more about how Sahamies feels about this whole situation from his blog. Here is just a fragment from what he wrote: “I’m f done with poker, sickest downswing ever. Basic downswing, not in the mood for playing, but still playing, whatever” Since the beginning of his online experience with Full Tilt in 2007, Ziigmund has reached a peak of $6.8 million but currently he finds himself relatively comfortable with the $1,654,112 he has left. In poker, swings are a normal element of a player’s life. Ups and downs are alternating continuously and the important thing is to know how to handle them emotionally and to have the motivation to go on. Sahamies has a reputation for being a hyper-aggressive and eccentric player and therefore he is used to experiencing impressive swings. As for how he handles them, his answer was: “I really don’t know how I handle those. Sometimes I feel I don’t handle those at all but it’s just money…nothing serious.” As the poker theory says, when you are in a downswing it is better to stop playing because your exhaustion and negative state of mind will drag you even lower. Let’s hope Ziigmund remembers this basic advice from poker theory and takes the best decision that puts him back on track.

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