Millionaire Genie pays big

Millionaire Genie, a very popular slot machine from, has now one of the most hunted jackpots ever registered on an online casino. And, indeed, it’s not surprising for a jackpot whose value has now risen to $ 2 million! To win the chance to win, you must pay a rather symbolic amount: 3 dollars, the maximum bet you can do on this slot machine!

Millionaire Genie’s trick is its progressive jackpot, which makes its value rise visibly. For the rest, Millionaire Genie is nothing special compared to other slot machines. It has three reels and a single payline, but its spectacular is, perhaps, in the emotion generated by all these symbols “millionaire”, really dizzying. For example, by discovering the Millionaire Genie symbol, one has direct access to Millionaire Genie Bonus Round; in this case, the player must scratch three circles, after which he receives the total discovered. If three identical amounts appear, it’s time to take advantage of another bonus round! Millionaire Genie is a wild symbol and can complete any winning combination.

As for, the casino is in the top of the world’s entertainment companions. Thanks to the reputation and quality of its services, it now has millions of members, players in poker, bingo or other casino games, available online on the site. operates under a license issued by the Government of Gibraltar and is a signatory to the Code of Conduct for the Council for Interactive Games (IGC).


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