Poker etiquette

Besides the rules of the game itself, poker implies a few other formalities that every player has to know and comply with.

The first set of rules refers to players’ talk. They are not allowed to make useless, repetitive and excessively negative remarks about the style of their opponents as this kind of behaviour is sanctioned. Any unwanted remark from the public that can effect the course of the game can also lead to sanctions. Therefore, in poker it is good to have a respectful conduct!

Another set of rules applies to the language of the poker tour. Only the language of the language of the country and English are allowed to be used between participants at a professional poker event.

The practice of ‘rabbit hunt’ is forbidden because players usually frown upon it. It is done in a situation where one player wins a pot without a showdown and another player asks the dealer to show cards would have come up in case the hand had been played till the end. Usually, these players who ‘hunt the rabbit” want to see if they would have hit a straight, a flash or some other gaining hand.

Gestures, noises, words, postures, objects that may disturb the other participants are also sanctioned and players are not allowed to use the mobile phone at the poker table.

The last but not least of these rules of conduct is to not underperfom. Underperforming means playing poorly in order to support another player which is penalised and his bets are withdrawn.

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