Poker players and drugs

A study carried out by Nova Southern University has made a shocking discovery: 4 out of 5 poker players (i.e. 80% of them) take drugs in order to improve their performance at the poker table.

According to the study author and specialist in pharmacy Kevin Clauson, drugs help poker players to “stay awake longer, to focus and concentrate better” which is an advantage in face of the competition. Professor Clauson points out that these substance are surely dangerous for human health and they can have negative effects in the long term.

But are they truly drugged? The study shows that besides regular energizers like caffeine from coffee, guarana from energy drinks, professional and amateur players all over the world moved on to more serious substances such as marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, Valium and other prescription drugs which is supposed to enhance their game.

The study consists of interviews with players at last year WSOP in Las Vegas and an international online questionnaire that collected answers from professional, semi-professional, amateur and recreational players in North America, Europe and Asia. They all admitted having used some sort of drug or substance to improve their concentration or to calm their nerves, stay awake and sharpen their memory.

This resembles in large to sports people who take performance enhancers and win easier. While the sports people are expelled from competitions and their prizes withdrawn if discovered drugged, poker players go along with their drugging habits which is not quite fair.

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